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Extended Pleasure

format: 12"/EP

release date: November 3rd 2005

label: Escapism Records

Art Facture by Wardo

Mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios

Produced and mixed by weedy and padmo'

snippets: download (1,9MB)

video: melancholia

A Side
  1. intro 0:57
  2. producers beware 3:04
  3. the nightowl's theme 2:40
  4. city dweller pt.2 3:11

B Side
  1. melancholia 4:35 download this track
  2. wishing upon a beat 3:53
  3. melancholia - outro 1:14

30-seconds preview of each track on

Available in Europe, U.S. and Japan through different distributors.
Also available online at:

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