40 Winks

Weedy - beats and pieces

Weedy - beats and pieces

format: CD

release date: 2009

released independently

snippets: listen

download: soundcloud

  1. intro jam
  2. prelude to track #3
  3. beats and pieces
  4. clouds in head
  5. UFO (feat. M.anifest)
  6. lightend tunnel
  7. instant kitsch (prelude)
  8. good bad
  9. cheap thrills
  10. beat goes on
  11. Brazzaville - chappaqua (weedy remix)

Thanks to everyone who got a copy of that limited Weedy beat CD!! Here's a bonus to this project. 3 beats of the album were chopped up in separate loops. You can turn the volume of the loops on or off. It shows a little insight in the beatmaking process and gives you the chance to create your own version of the beats... Enjoy!

Weedy - 2008 side stuff mix

Weedy - 2008 side stuff mix

format: digital

release date: 2008

released online

listen: mixcloud

  1. Weedy - if the spirit moves ya (instrumental)
  2. A.R.M. (Krukid & M.anifest) - if the spirit moves ya
  3. Port Format - fresh food (weedy remix)
  4. Nag & Twan - wervanda (weedy remix)
  5. M.anifest - the bird & the beats
  6. Brazzaville - you in the distance (weedy remix)
  7. Weedy - bass in your face (instrumental)
  8. M.anifest - bass in your face
  9. Brazzavile - chappaqua (weedy remix)
  10. Brazzaville - you in the distance (weedy remix pt.2)

padmo' - change the channel

padmo' - change the channel

format: CD / digital album

release date: march 2008

released independently

download: here

  1. adjust your signal (intro)
  2. zap I (post-intro)
  3. viewer warning (post-post-intro)
  4. zap II (interlude)
  5. amazon stroll
  6. savanna picnic
  7. bird watch
  8. greenhouse effect
  9. news flash
  10. first contact televised
  11. zap III (interlude)
  12. cat walk strut
  13. glitter & glamour
  14. introducing the bachelerettes
  15. the flirt game
  16. ménage à trois
  17. dramarama
  18. blaxploited
  19. god's day off
  20. journey to self
  21. zap IV (interlude)
  22. welcome to the paranormal
  23. the haunted
  24. ghost spell
  25. zap V (interlude)
  26. kiss-n-tell
  27. jammy aerobic / pimp training
  28. adult phone entertainment
  29. switching off (couch potato meditation)


change the channel is a short, fun audio excursion into tv land.

30+ Beats guide you through different channels, each channel representing a different vibe.

More info:

Change the channel is an instrumental hip hop album, produced by padmo'.

All the artwork was designed by benjamin.

This album was used for promotion in the Diamant Shop in Antwerp, Belgium. The Diamant Shop is a temporary shop with clothes and accessoires, at the 85 Gallery in Antwerp (BE).

padmo' is one half of the instrumental hip hop group 40 Winks, more info on 40winksmusic.com

benjamin is one of the owners of the 85 gallery, more info on myspace.com/85gallery

- march 2008